Seventh Doctor Stunt Hat


1970's Goon Dalek Hemisphere


Screen Used Cyberman Chest Unit


Evil of the Daleks Casket


Screen Used Guard Tunic from “The Sun Makers”

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Screen Used Guard Tunic from “The Sun Makers” – 1977
Being a Tom Baker prop, these era props are getting more and more desirable. It would make a great entry piece prop or compliment an already growing prop collection – Priced £795 + p&p
Comes with CO

Sontaran Ship Filming Miniature – The Two Doctors


A very rare opportunity to obtain an original production used Sontaran filming miniature ship from The Two Doctors. Obtained from a BBC Visual Effects member, this falls into many great categories from a production used ship, sontaran related and classic who. Staring both Patrick Troughton and Colin Baker, the Sontaran ships were used in multiple scenes throughout the story. Measures roughly 2.5″ in width, including a metal thread where a fixing was secured to the ship to make it turn.

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Dalek Hemisphere

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Hemisphere appeared me in the following episodes

Goon ii appeared in the following episodes

  • Planet of the Daleks – 1973
  • Genesis of the Daleks – 1975

Goon ii skirt section then appeared on the bottom of Dalek 7, from this point onwards the Dalek is referred to Dalek 7ii – the top and skirt had its combination at Worthing Carnival in the summer of 1978.

  • Destiny of the Daleks – 1979 
  • Five Doctors – 1983

Imperial Dalek Gun


This is the SFX Imperial Dalek Gun which can be seen on IMP2 (as referred to by Dalek-6388) Used in an explosive scene in the episode Remembrance of the Daleks.

Originally auctioned by John Nathan-Turner in 1989 during the “A Day At The Forum” convention, and was held in the school which was used for filming of Remembrance of the Daleks.

The original auction winner then sold the gun in auction on the 1st July 2006.

We purchased it for a client of ours from the winner of the auction in 2006 and have now retained this back into our collection.