Production Made Dalek for the BBC Special “Doctor Who Night”



This 550mm tall scale model dalek was originaly built by Stuart Evans of SEVANS Models. Anamatronic in nature, this would have dome rotation and dome lights working from the base, the dalek can be rotated on it’s base turning the main tube to the dalek, a seperate tube that is in the centre will then rotate the dome. Including a seperate set of wires that will power the dome lights.

This dalek was hired by BBC North for recording on 15/10/99 for Dr Who Night, sadly not shown in the final cut. Still a fantastic piece of Doctor Who History, and a very detailed and accurate model.

This comes with the following:
A copy of the original hire sign sheet (which was signed by a production staff member)
A copy of the original BBC North Hire Contract Invoice
The anamatronic Dalek
The black wooden base

Please note: Shipping will be extra and higher than our standard rate, please contact us before purchasing.
The original description of the 2ft Dalek when sold by Stuart Evans to its original buyer was the following

“Troughton Dalek with lights

Absolutely superb model. Gerry Anderson quality and scale. Its based on one of my 2ft daleks but assembled to pass for a full size Troughton. Wooden base fibreglass skirt high gloss silver with exact blue balls, grey shoulders real aluminium collars slats and mesh, to pass for full size we HAD to use aluminium.

Dome revolves and eye raises via animatronics beneath set while real flashing lights are fitted in exact miniature copies of the eggcupstyle ears used on Troughton versions. Supplied on a raise 8inch rostrum. Reason because the animatronic tubes etc project beyond the base. I believe that the plan was to have it shot against bluescreen to interact with presenter in a miniature set or against period footage. Unfortunately not shown in the final cut. Anyway a superb piece of animatronic modelmaking and a lovely model which displays well even in static mode.”



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